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The imbibing of drinking water around the 3rd world that is not potable, and often even grossly dirty, kills more people than HIV, TB, and malaria combined!

Why do we let that persist? We spend lots of money on quinine for malaria, and AIDS drugs are being allocated, albeit in inadequate quantities, to 3rd World locations.

But just about nothing is being done to correct the contaminated water problems. Why? Profits would still be made by those who turn out filters and other cleansing machinery, and to supply the people to purify fresh water supplies, especially in places where basic water sources are certainly adequate.

The answer is horribly shameful. To send out drug supplies for diseases places the alleged blame on the viruses, parasites and bacteria etc. that cause the diseases. But to face up to the drinking water dearth is to place the blame where it belongs - on the developed world's exploitation of those countries in need. Where the developed world has raped and pillaged those undeveloped nations for centuries, leaving them without the resources that their natural wealth easily provides, surely enough to correct the dirty water needs.

Embarrassing is a thought I have as U.S. President Barack Obama goes off to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Medal, as he likely stops over elsewhere to continue making war. It is remindful of when North Vietnam leaders were dickering with war criminal Henry Kissinger back in 1972, trying to close out that conflict. The then Secretary of State under Nixon ridiculously accepted the peace prize while the Ho Chi Minh-led North Vietnamese diplos showed their honesty by refusing such a misplaced honor - the granting to two powers who were waging a 10 year presidential campaign that killed people by the many thousands.

Maybe it is just that President Obama is in over his head. We voted him in to make peace and provide us with health care, hopefully single-payer, federally administered and financed for all Americans, legal or otherwise. At least that is what he seemingly promised. Anything else is a joke and a boondoggle for the insurance industry. They don't care which one we select, as long as they get to sell the coverage. Whenever you hear the word "affordable" as a modifier for any form of healthcare, you are hearing someone who has no concept of what is needed or how to get it. If you think healthcare is expensive, try sickness.

Every day should begin and end with a real kiss between significant others. It really works.

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