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This past month, Larry King, Live! did a segment with two special guests. They were an adult man and woman who had undergone open cardiac surgery at the arrangement and funding of Mr. King's foundation. He called them "lucky" and now fully recovered. Amen. But King was remiss. This fortunate couple are instead unlucky to live in affluent USAmerica that does not provide healthcare to its people as a part of a universal and comprehensive healthcare package of the type available in the John Conyers' (D-MI) HR 676, hopefully winding its way to the Congressional floor for a vote. We remain the world's only industrialized nation without such a program, which is as much a right as speech, religion the press, and assembly. We must all encourage President Obama to take up the fight.

VP-elect Joe Biden is seeking a pet dog for the family. Shopping is the wrong action to undertake. Adopting is the politically correct and humane approach. For every household animal companion purchased in a shop, breeder or mill, one awaiting rescue is euthanized. Shelters have enough such animals to fit every taste. The VP-elect must adopt, not shop. Pet store animal sales and so-called puppy mills must be outlawed.

There are growing comments that President-elect Obama is surrounding himself with many of the old guard, despite his promise of change. Recall that FDR constructed the New Deal with some of the staunchest DC regulars, like Jim Farley, Cordell Hull and Bob Morgenthau. But he also added Henry Wallace, Harold Ickes and the great Frances Perkins and reminded us that he chose certain people for their special administrative skills. The political changes, he said, came from the top. We must hope that Obama is of that mind and he deserves that chance. Stand by.

So India is having its problems with Pakistan and its concerns for the responsibility for the Mumbai terrorism. Perhaps India should do what President-select Bush did. India should invade a country, no matter which, and lynch its head of state, just like we did in Iraq.

There are those who have suggested that George W. Bush spare us even what is left of his abysmal administration and resign early. But then we would have Dick Cheney assume titular control, which he functionally had all along.

There is great concern that the Zimbabwe CEO Robert Mugabe will not accept foreign aid for its apparent epidemic of cholera, with its expected morbidity and mortality. Instead, he has chosen denial. Why don't we simply invade that sovereign nation and dispose of its president as we did in Iraq and Saddam Hussein? The answer is simple and obvious. Iraq has our oil under its sand. Zimbabwe does not have that value for Big Oil and therefore Bush does not act.

So Jay Leno is heading for 10 pm EST, closer to a prime time slot. The media world is wondering why? It is likely because more silly, inane and pure junk sitcoms cannot be found to fill that void. The ones they got eventually have bad ratings that do not warrant renewal.

New York City, as an example, is seriously considering raising taxes on small businesses, hiking the subway fare and adding a toll on intra-city bridges used primarily by the working people. The city administration will do anything but place the burden where it belongs - on the wealthy segment who are reaping the wild, even in these economic tough times.

It was author Gore Vidal who said he supported the impeachment of Bill Clinton because he would have impeached all the presidents. Let us hope and pray that Barack Obama becomes one of Mr. Vidal's exceptions to his rule.

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