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This turnover in Washington is the most visible and awaited ever. Why? For the same reasons why the nomination processes started so early. We just wanted to get rid of the horrible Bush administration. It was a way of hiding the guilt the American people had for allowing that bloke to be there in the first place.

Any party that would put a Dan Quayle or a Spiro Agnew a heartbeat away from the presidency would try it again with so inept a someone as a Sarah Palin. I guess with corporate USA remaining in charge, who really cares who actually sits in the Oval Office desk chair?

The New York Times Magazine last month did a feature story on Caribbean countries, including Cuba. It used a photo of a cigar factory in Habana and decried some of the primitive ways cigars are still made there. It did not note that 3rd world Cuba has all their children in schools, not walking the dumps in search of food as they do in Haiti and elsewhere, and all the people manage to get their health care, just about nonexistent elsewhere.

Gov. David Patterson of NY has announced his budget pinches will be partly solved by cuts in healthcare and education. How small is his thinking to take away from the two singular vital aspects of any society. During the Cuban crunch after the fall of the Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc, Cuba tightened its belt, but health care and schools remained fully financed. We now learn that when the black Obama and Robinson families had to budget, Barack's and Michelle's education and healthcare were never cut. They went on to Princeton, Harvard and Columbia and got ready to lead us to the promised land.

We are clamoring that China is making headway in the world by adopting capitalist methods of trade. And here at home we are resorting to socialist tools of federally buoying up corporate greed and abysmal failures. Go figure.

Obama wins again when he included in the plan to get a First Dog for his kiddies from a rescue and not store bought or from a puppy mill that should be outlawed. Rescues and shelters can provide a family with any breed or type companion and for special needs like allergies.

We arrogantly deny Iran and anyone else the right to have nuclear facilities. Who denies us? The USA is still the only nation in history to have used atomic weapons in battle or worse, in terrorist fashion on civilian targets.

The world awaits that Obama takeover. So far, so good. Just recall the bloke who fell from the top floor of the Empire State Bldg and as he was soaring down past the 55th floor window and someone yelled out how are you doing, he replied, so far so good.

It was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who took over in 1932 as we were fighting off the weight of the Great Depression. He spent massive federal funds as a savior. But there were no corporate bailouts. He started work programs, housing developments and infrastructure repair that put people back to work.

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