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The election results are an exception to the rule. I have finally voted for a winner. The long struggle to shed ourselves from the Bush yoke is over. But we need proof. We will all be watching closely to be sure that our faith and votes were well placed.

We got more than Obama. We got Democratic legislatures and rid of the stenches of John Sununu and Christopher Shayes in New England, Elizabeth Dole and John Warner in the mid South, and even got Proposition 2 in California for the animals. It is a breath of fresh air to have a legitimate president-elect rather than another president-select. Our world stature jumped up overnight. Now we must see if Obama who can talk the talk will now walk the walk.

We await peace and life instead of war and death, health care, housing, fair tax relief. And the general infrastructure repair that we so desperately need.

The greatest celebrity woman in U.S. American history was Frances Perkins, FDR's Secretary of Labor for every day FDR was in office. Every time you cash your social security check, join a union or get unemployment benefits, you can send her a thank you on to her perch in heaven, where she surely sleeps in peace.

Remarkable that we are now being told that oil barrel costs and the price at the pump are unrelated. Crude has halved in the past few months, but the gas stations are dropping at a much slower rate. Yet, when the barrel jumps up, that is readily given as a reason for an immediate station rise. We are also being urged to relieve ourselves of foreign oil, but it is not added that the largest source of imported oil is from Canada! Yes, that Canada!

Saw Bill Maher's Religulous, his documentary condemnation of religion. Not bad. Worth a view. Very revealing that not only may God be a myth and nonexistent, as many believe, but Jesus as well. Maher points out that in all the writings from the New Testament onward, there is not a single eyewitness account of Christ's activities. All are second-hand. He allegedly lived 34+ years on Earth, but about 30 of them are not recorded or reported on in any way.

The ex-NY governor Elliot Spitzer's debacle that cost him his job is as mephitic as they come. He takes a bimbo on a tryst to the most visible city in the world, Washington, DC, and selects its most visible hotel, the Mayflower, where teams of reporters camp out in its lobby 24/7, just waiting for a scoop. Spitzer was allegedly preparing a legal diatribe against some of Wall Street's illicit financial manipulations. It is remindful of Mario Puzo's Godfather II when Don Michael Corleone sets up a senator from Nevada in a hotel room with his bloody bimbo and gets caught red-handed, literally.

The UN vote this past month to once again condemn the illegal U.S. blockade of Cuba was 185-2. And then there was also the UN vote to institute international regulations on arms production and export/import. That vote was also 185-2, with only Zimbabwe standing with the U.S. of in opposition. Let us see if Obama is about to turn this around.

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