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What else can be said?

Hate to be only negative, but the McCain/Palin ticket is so bad, it is scary. Can you imagine having a temper tantrum president with his fingers on the buttons? Or a lady VP who walks around the crowd after a public presentation with her Downs baby in her arms, as though this is a sympathy race and she is playing to that vote. Disgusting. Scary.

Barack Obama is not a trip to Nirvana. He leaves some things to be desired. Joe Biden's track record and many decades in Washington have not been exemplary. He is a member of the club. His presidency would have been more of the same. But Obama is a liberal, to be sure, and it is hoped he is not playing the game too hard. There has still not been a health care proviso like the obvious John Conyers HR676, and there certainly is nothing that tells us he will get out of our hegemony in the Middle East, obviously there for our oil under their sand. It is hoped he is not just pandering to the hawks and will give us that health care and peace after he is sworn in.

The issue is that the lesser of two evils (LOTE) is certainly there, but McCain's hawkish approach and Palin's foolishness make it more than that. They would reach a new executive low, something we never thought could happen after a Fillmore, Harding, Hoover, Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes. But it obviously can.

America is taking a beating around the world. We have lost a form of prestige that can take decades to recover from, if then. But it is worth a try. We must start with someone who realizes what has happened and wants to go the other way.

So that bottom line is Barack Obama. His lead must be protected and enlarged. What shenanigans the GOP pulled off in 2000 and 2004 can be avoided. They did not do what they did back then for just eight years. They want more. We must stay alert. The amazing thing is that McCain actually asks to be rewarded with four more years after the abysmal eight that was a part of his doing.

The choice is clear. Since we cannot have Dennis Kucinich, we have to settle, and hopefully Barack Obama is enough of a choice. More than just a LOTE.

A McCain/Palin suicide is the last thing we need.

Barack Obama for president is a must. He is worth every chance we take.

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