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I am trying to think up a kind word to describe the newest CNN anchor, Campbell Brown. Disgusting comes to mind.

I am thinking.

The walkouts by various countries at the UN to the speeches of Libya's Ghaddafi and Iran's Ahmadinejad deserve stern rebuke. President Obama should dismiss those in the U.S. delegation who followed. It seems that we want to allow the podium to those with whom we agree. No opposition. Those two leaders won their elections, whereas our President Bush took office by thievery.

The UN was created to prevent wars and give countries an avenue for diplomacy. It seems that those who walk would rather just go to war.

At least Michael Moore is trying. His hayseed approach to the issues goes only so far. He senses capitalism is dangerous to people and seems to understand the concept that with there being just so much wealth, enough for all, if one person accumulates too much, someone else has to have too little. Then Moore becomes a gadfly and gets lost in the solution.

I am thinking.

Of course Congressman Joe Wilson would never have shamefully interrupted the President at that joint session if he were white.

The roar is that Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the others are clamoring out of the mainstream. Just remember that in a thankfully losing cause, George W. Bush/John McCain did amass 52 million voters last November.

Since our technology obviously is sufficient and the practice is not universal, why do some stage performers use a hand held mike that blocks their facial expressions? Is it for some form of security or just a phallic symbol?

5 best words in the English language: I got up this morning.

5 scariest words in the English language: We have to talk now.

5 most expensive words in the English language. You may kiss the bride.

I am thinking.

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