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John McCain is psychologically unfit to be the president of the United States.

We are all trying to make some sense out of John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as Veep. It is not as simple as just seeking out a nice looking lady with a mouth piece and style to offset the Hillary factor. It is rather sadly a total disdain of the American people that he would suggest putting so inept and inexperienced a person a heartbeat away to a 72 year older in so tense a vocation. Even if the prez is merely a figurehead for corporate USA. She can do real damage. It was so embarrassing for her to tell Katie Couric that her international experience starts with being the gov of a state just across the Bering Straits from Russia.

But this is not a once in a lifetime happening. Instead it is a pattern of behavior by the GOP. Lean back into history and recall. There was the Nixon choice of Spiro Agnew who actually had guys bringing him cash payoffs in brown paper bags to his DC office and then he resigned in shame. There was George Bush I's selection of Dan Quayle as VP, who couldn't spell but came damn close to that missed heartbeat. Then came Bush's nomination of Clarence Thomas who scandalously sits on the Court as likely our most unqualified justice in history. And don't forget Bush II's nod to his White House Counsel Harriet Miers, so callous a choice for the high bench that she was quickly withdrawn when even the GOP rose up in protest.

This is not a battle against those whose philosophy is conservative, like Robert Bork or Justice Antonin Scalia for example, who at least are accomplished jurists. As I said, John McCain is psychologically unfit to be the president. His Sarah Palin choice is enough evidence of such bizarre behavior.

Arguably, the blurb by the Israeli lobby in its axiom of Israel's "right to exist" is an effort to impassion us with that claim. But that is such a false and meaningless blurb. In fact, every nation has a right to exist. It all depends at what price. The honest statement is that we all have a right to exist as long as it does not illicitly impinge on someone else's right to exist. When Israel used its presence to help the west control the region's oil deposits, it practiced its own twist of the Golden Rule to do unto others what had been done unto you. Israel certainly does have a right to exist. But so does Palestine.

Oil mogul T. Boone Pickens is assuring the American people in a nationwide media splurge that he has a solution to those astronomical gas pump prices that starts with alternative sources of energy like the wind but does not mention the usury profits by Big Oil. He sneaks in that we must allow for more drilling, the best way for his Big Oil pals to get out more unneeded black crude that will add to those profits.

Over half of the 1.5 million personal bankruptcies every year in the country are caused by medical expenses that tear apart a family's finances.

Once beneficiaries on Medicare sign up for a Medicare Part D drug plan, they are locked in for a year. But the plan can cancel a medication when not adequately drug company profitable or even ad lib raise member co-payments for the agent.

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