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Alcohol is without question our most damaging playground imbibement. It is abundant, promoted by big business, and is legal. Cure of alcoholism or even mildly habitual excessive drinking is very rare. Give enormous credit to anyone who sheds that yoke. We must reconsider prohibition. The first time around, from 1918 to 1933, it was a great success, despite the contrary myth.

  • Even then, highway morbidities plummeted. Imagine what would be today without the stench of DWI and DUI. Alcohol related diseases primarily of the liver dropped sharply and with huge savings in healthcare costs that were a drain on the public. School and workshop absenteeism dropped and afternoon accidents in the factories fell drastically when the workers could not spend their lunchtimes at the local pubs. Crime was not a factor. Saying prohibition led to organized felony groups is more of the myth and conveniently forgets about the White Sox World Series scandal of 1919 that was plotted well before and the Dalton Gang and Jessie James. Bootleggers and the speakeasy mobs were in a minority. America was thirsty but law abiding. The sales taxes gained by the governments on legal booze were more than offset by the costs to the public by those accidents, absenteeism and the healthcare drain by drunks.
  • Why then did FDR et. al. agree to repeal? Because the whiskey lobby convinced them that legal stills would add employment to help survive the depression. A silly drop in the bucket. But the President weakened and we went back to self-destruction. Bring back prohibition.
  • The November election will surely be one of the most meaningful in history, especially if Obama retains a liberal stance and does not sell out too much more to the establishment. In choosing Biden as a mate, he has already yielded. But his differences with McCain, a Bush clone, being so stark, to select Barack Obama is an easy choice as Kucinich is not running.

    Best campaign vignette that may apply to today. When FDR was on his whistle stop campaign tour for a second term in 1936, a fellow in the crowd turned to a friend and said, "I do not know him, but he knows me."

    Unreported in the mainstream media, at least 6000 U.S. Army personnel have deserted the service and fled to Canada to avoid Iraq deployment.

    There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day.

    The measure of generosity is the giving not of what you have plenty but of what you have little.

    The Sarah Palin VP nomination selection is without question the most callous in our history in suggesting such an unqualified person would be in line for president in the event of a tragedy to 72 year old McCain. It makes Dan Quayle look like presidential timber. Then again, maybe the issue is being overstated. Presidents for the most part are merely pawns of big business and powerful lobbies of in-charge corporate America.

    Global warming, whatever its questionable cause, could lead to polar bear extinction because they depend on disappearing ice floes for survival.

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