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Why all the fuss about a possible Sarah Palin presidency?

So what?

We went to the polls in 2008 with great anticipation and enthusiasm that there was going to be a turnaround with Barack Obama. But he turned out to be Benedict Obama. The American people still have no healthcare and he sent thousands more soldiers into war with more on the horizon.

How come?

Because no matter who sits in the Oval Office chair behind the desk, the presidency remains the same - corporate America. Headed by Big Oil. Why else are we killing in the Middle East?

Remarkable but expected. The U.S. sent troops to Haiti to allegedly keep the peace. Cuba sent doctors.

The recent awarded 2010 Oscar for best picture of the year shamefully went to "Hurt Locker" - a movie that so many considered an anti-war film as it pictured the trials and tribulations of U.S. forces in our aggressive wars in the Middle East.

But the truth is not glorious. It's grotesque. The movie showed U.S. forces supposedly working under dangerous and trying conditions. All for us!

But it actually revealed how our soldiers are unwittingly, perhaps, killing civilian men, women and children. It revealed that our soldiers act as the terrorists they are. In the denouement it shows that the army guys choose to reenlist for another hitch to do more of the same. Shame on us.

Documentarian Michael Moore, in his "Capitalism," was more on target than he realized, but welcome just the same. He pointed out that capitalism survives only when it acts out two behaviors. First, it goes to war and kills, kills, kills to maintain its class superiority and keep a cheap labor source around the world. Second, it adopts socialist policies, like pensions for the aged and unemployed, price controls, social security benefits and peacetime activities.

There has never been a war in world history that did not have avarice and greed as its purpose, on both sides. Just check it out. The only exception that makes the rule, is World War II after June 22, 1941, when Hitler and his armies invaded the USSR - the purpose for the war in the first place. The world allowed the genocide of several millions of Germans in the camps, over 20 million Russians, and millions more on the battlefields. War is never the answer and is always a failure of diplomacy.

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