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The boycott talk over the Olympiad in China certainly has political implications. It is of interest that for the games in Berlin in 1936 with the Nazi leadership well heralded, no talk of boycott was entertained. This despite that the 3rd Reich was already in the throes of the concentration camps and their bellicose intentions were obvious. I guess that was because at the time, the Hitler regime was considered our ally, as long as it kept its promise to march eastward on the U.S.S.R. to destroy the Soviet experiment with Marxism - the purpose of WWII to begin with, all of which backfired.

The best summary of alcoholism as a condition is that it is neither a disease, a biochemical alteration, a genetic or familiar malfunction or willful wild misconduct. It is rather a learned and chosen survival route and a coping technique, ill chosen because of its ruination of mind, body and spirit.

It is remarkable that Governor David Patterson of New York has announced that the state will be looking to Washington for some financial help this year to meet the state budget requirements. The statement added that otherwise, cuts will be necessary in the two areas of education and health care. In startling contrast, during the so-called "Special Period" in the aftermath of the 1991 Soviet collapse and aid, Cuba went through a time when there were belt tightening maneuvers to weather the storm. But it was added that while consumer cuts would be necessary, there would be none in the two areas deemed the most pivotal to the success of the new system of government - education and health care.

Accounting records have revealed that President Ronald Reagan approved $640 toilet seats at the Pentagon and called ketchup a vegetable when budgeting out school lunch programs.

As a part of the Kennedy brothers liberal mystique, it was Robert Kennedy who had served as a Joseph McCarthy counsel during its heyday and the brothers sent the first troops to Vietnam that started one of the most shameful decades in US history.

The U.S. has over two million troops stationed on foreign lands throughout the world.

Surveys note that 1/2 of all U.S. pregnancies were not planned and were unwanted at the time and that the average pregnant woman in the country is taking three prescription drugs during the pregnancy.

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