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Never forget Rachel Corrie, the 23-year-old coed from Oregon who was trampled to death in 2003 by an Israeli bulldozer as she was peacefully protesting the continued stealing of Palestinian lands by Israeli settlers in Gaza. Neither the Israeli nor U.S. government has ever offered an explanatory apology.

It is clear the New Yorker Magazine made a bad mistake. The current cover depicting the Obama family in Muslim terrorist garb and mode came across as a caricature rather than its acclaimed intended satire, in the style of that non Bushite, radical chic publication. Great damage has been done and contrition must be shown by the editors with a total explanation and apology to the readership. One suggestion is to have a cover with a McCain caricature at a vanity mirror with the reflection an image of President Bush.

Apparently the pit bull is a canine breed that cannot be trusted in public society. Although there are those that are gentle and sound household companions, the breed is often easily trained for attack. The present pit bull population must never be allowed to be out there without its controlling master, and mating should be banned as the breed dies away by attrition.

The current online proposal for the boycotting of ExxonMobil is a super idea. The Nestlé chocolate boycott success a number of years ago shows a peoples' uprising can be very effective. If ExxonMobil feels those pangs, their obscene profits as the pump price and heating fuel prices soar can be controlled. Go for it!

No question. We finally have a great method to lose weight. Just write it down, everything you eat each day, although you must be honest about it. You would easily sneak in that extra desert but would not want to face up to it. Bravo! A diet without planned restrictions or expensive TV-offered silly methods which never seem to work can be totally eliminated. Write it down and face your actions the next day.

Every time there is a serious swing one way or the other in the stock exchange, we are offered a made-up-as-you-go reason. Often, by the media pundits, the same event is used to explain away an up or a down. The truth is elsewhere. There are massive stock entrepreneurs who sell and buy huge volumes of securities daily and manipulate the prices for profits, the small buyers and sellers be damned. Capitalism. It works.

Our attention is now being centered toward the state of affairs in French Equatorial Guinea, a rather small Atlantic coast African nation. Obiang, its CEO for years, has now postponed elections until 2010. If then. The country mires in African type poverty. Why do we seemingly ignore it and cooperate? Because the country is fairly rich in black crude deposits and Obiang is very cooperative with western Big Oil. Saddam was not and got wasted.

If today's world were filtered down to a community of a symbolic 1000 people, 60 would control half the world's income, 500 would be hungry, 600 would be homeless, and 700 would be illiterate. 3-0.

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