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Just when it seemed safe to go back into the water. And just when it seemed OK to go back to the TV...we have been inundated with specials, eulogies, documentaries, accolades, newspeople praises and speeches and D.C. elegant extravaganzas on the life and times of NBC correspondent and Meet the Press show host Tim Russert. I recall his going along with the nefarious and disgusting invasion of Iraq to save "our" oil under their sand and never asking any of the hard questions of his guests.

But speaking of death, there is one that happened that was a real bummer. I do not only mean the sad passing of comedian George Carlin. I refer to an age 20ish gal pictured in the mainstream press walking the streets of Dargeli, Somalia, in southeastern Africa. When you are starving to death, age is difficult to tell. Safri Ali had not eaten nor had a sip of potable water for a week. An inner page photo showed her lying on a floor, glassy-eyed and near death. To the north, in Dubai in the Persian Gulf region, there is a hotel with a $25K daily suite rate and a nearby building large enough to house a mountain structure covered with real machine-made snow for when the oil-rich Sultans and their pals want to try their hands at skiing. The snow is made in this over 100 degree weather. The water it uses is perfectly potable. Capitalism works. It also sucks.

The globe apparently is getting warmer, as suspected. The evidence is clear. But from what? Polar bears are indeed dying off and beetles that normally thrive on tree bark to help keep nature in balance are fading away because the bark is drying out from the heat. I suggest that our take on it may be misleading and self serving. There are not enough animal herds passing flatus or factories belching waste smoke to heat a planet the size of Earth. Not that I necessarily condone either. It is more that the sun, at least a million times the size of Earth, is now producing enough heat from its rays over 90 million miles away that is reflected by the 25% light colored land mass but absorbed by the deeper colored 75% water area that is our planet. We had better start with providing every human being with sun shades and air conditioning to be comfortable. If there were no wars, we could well afford it.

Do not think for a minute that our crumbling infrastructure and military budget are not related. Bridges are in need of repair and refurbishing; public buildings are showing signs of wear and tear; highways have not been properly maintained and are decaying. The list goes on. The billions of dollars that are being squandered in Iraq and other war zones are taking their toll. We will be paying dearly with our lives for the shame we inflict just to save "our" oil under their sand.

It is obvious that the upcoming election in Zimbabwe and the violence carried out by its CEO Robert Mugabe is not on our agenda. Why don't we invade and install our own puppet government just like we did in Iraq? We can then put Mugabe on a similar mock trial and publicly lynch him, just like we did with Saddam Hussein. Why don't we? The answer is clear. Zimbabwe does not have "our" coveted oil under its sand.

The two schools of thought persist. In U.S. Georgia, we still maintain the renamed School of the Americas that trains mercenaries for the armed takeover of governments in the 3rd World that do not cooperate with corporate America in the economic control of the world's natural resources, oil being only the most visible. But in Cuba, a foreign student medical school is flourishing. It trains medical students by the thousands, including from the USA, in the art of medicine to return to their underserved homes to serve their people with medical care. Cuban legend Fidel calls them shepherds of mercy.

Produced by the Berlin-based Transparency Publishers, a survey lists Finland, Iceland and Denmark among the least corrupt nations. That same list posts Haiti, Paraguay and Georgia among the most.

In my whole adult lifetime that starts with WWII, I have never known a day when the whole world was at peace.

Bravo! to Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) for taking the initiative of requesting impeachment proceedings for President-Select George W. Bush. At least now it is on the permanent Congressional record. And one member of Congress had the honesty to put this administration before the public and history.

It has been written that our ideal would be to have the heart of a lion, the eyes of a hawk and the hands of a woman.

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