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The Israeli curtailment of grants for the schooling of Palestinians in Gaza has great implication. In Margaret Mitchell's saga Gone With The Wind on the Civil War, she describes a frenzied scene as the O'Hara family is packing up Tara as Sherman's army was about to strike and eventually torch Atlanta. Master O'Hara notices daughter Scarlett over on the lawn surrounded in a circle of slave children to whom she is reading all sorts of books.

He storms over, takes Scarlett lovingly by her arm and leads her away with stern instructions: (sic) Scarlett, you can dine with them, worship with them, play with them, sport with them, ride with them, swim with them, sing and dance with them, even sleep with them, walk and picnic with them and cavort with them. But the one thing you never do is to teach them how to read and write.

That was his way of pointing out that the slaves will then rise up as equals and take their freedom when they understand their history and their futures and can lead.

Israel is taking a page from Margaret Mitchell and Master O'Hara. The Palestinian people, as with any oppressed, will eventually find their sovereignty when they are led by educated, articulate and well understood leadership. World history has shown that to be true over and over again. Just look it up.

It is an insult to our intelligence as representatives from Big Oil tell us that here is no connection between the price at the pump and the obscene profits in the many billions by the oil giants. No one knows how high either will reach. But the people will pay for it in the end.

Ehren Watada still sits under arrest awaiting his court martial trial for being the first U.S. Army officer to refuse to return to Iraq to fight in a war he considers aggressive, illegal, immoral and vicious. Please offer him support in his struggle. Check out his website.

The two schools of thought persist. In U.S. Georgia, we still maintain the renamed School of the Americas that trains mercenaries for the armed takeover of governments in the 3rd World that do not cooperate with corporate America in the economic control of the world's natural resources, oil being only the most visible. But in Cuba, a foreign student medical school is flourishing. It trains medical students by the thousands, including from the USA, in the art of medicine to return to their underserved homes to serve their people with medical care. Cuban legend Fidel calls them shepherds of mercy.

The Democratic nominating convention in Denver is nearing. The rumbles are getting more obvious. If neither Obama nor Hillary, as it appears, can claim a first ballot victory, the deadlock will result in an Al Gore compromise. He will go on to become the 44th president. After all, he did it once, in 2000, when he was unprotestingly robbed of his office. He gets my vote only if he ends the war now and gives us healthcare.

The wealthiest 13,000 U.S. taxpayers have incomes over 100 times that of the average. Those top wagers take home 600 times more than the poorest, the same ratio that was recorded at the time of the 1929 crash and subsequent depression.

The nation's biggest employer, Walmart, does not provide even a semblance of healthcare for over half its staff. They need Medicaid. In other words, the US American taxpayer is subsidizing Walmart, the world's largest and very profitable retail business.

Our nuclear submarine fleet of 12 always has three under water somewhere in the world and can remain there independently for up to three years. Each is capable of destroying its target country without detection. And a 13th has been requested. Even the DOD at the Pentagon cannot figure out why.

Reports have it that the Pentagon is putting together an "Internet for war." It will be an electronic overall view of the globe and track alleged various threats to our safety and the campaigns planned for that alleged protection.

Eugene V. Debs said that he would rather vote for someone he wanted and not get him than for someone he did not want and get him.

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