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I am still tingling. On the front page of a U.S. major daily last month was a 6 x 8 color photo of a young Haitian girl rummaging through a Port au Prince dump for scraps of food. Capitalism works. The fracas in Iraq that has us protecting our oil under their sand has just passed its fifth year since the "Mission Accomplished" battleship deck claim by President-select Bush, but with its many thousands of Iraqi deaths since, and the deaths of over 4000 U.S. American soldiers. Capitalism works. It has been confirmed by UNICEF that over 10 million children die annually from diseases readily curable by lacking but available medications. Capitalism works.

The Latin American Medical School's training thousands of physicians for the 3rd World and the United States is flourishing in Cuba. Socialism works. Every Cuban child of appropriate age attends school and has all necessary basic health care. Socialism works. There are over 200 million children in the world who sleep in the streets every night and none of them is Cuban. Socialism works.

On occasion, in an effort to catch the news, I search through the five network TV channels in order to avoid the commercials, to no avail. They all show a constant flow of ads and it seems usually at the same time. Most often for cars, erectile dysfunction, weight loss methods, pharmaceuticals or exercise machines.

It seems that movies are showing longer and longer credits at the end, many times annoying in length, and often too fast to read.

There is still much nonsensical talk of enforced birth control for family size in China. As though love making can be legislated. There is only one form of birth control that has ever been successful. A raise in the standard of living. Provide people with adequate-paying jobs, roofs, clothing, food, schools, healthcare and potable water, and population growth is easily controlled.

Perhaps the greatest movie message ever was the denouement in Charlie Chaplin's "Monsieur Verdoux" (1946) with Charlot in the title role being led to the guillotine for the killings of several well-off ladies whom he married only to dispose of them for their wealth to support his own beloved family, all during the 1930's. He spoke of the punishment he was about to face for the killing of a few while a man in Europe was openly killing by the millions as the world stood by, provided him with the means and hailed him as a reputable world leader.

The greatest act of infidelity might well be the time God was walking down a street in Nazareth and stopped off to have a roll in the hay with teenager Mary while her husband Joseph was out doing his carpentry work. That was over 2000 years ago and the world hasn't stopped talking about it since.

Rice is now being added to the genetically modified (GM) list for allegedly greater production. As of now, cotton seed, corn and soy beans are almost universally GM'd. They should be in our diets only in strict moderation until GM foods are truly declared safe for consumption.

There have been those over 4,000 U.S. American soldier deaths in Iraq, over 40,000 injured, as many as 100,000 Iraqi mortalities and over 1,000 embedded journalists on the wounded list. But there have also been over 4,000 annual desertions in what the Pentagon reports is an army of about a half million.

The Israeli Defense Force has announced the development of a robot killer, a portable TV-like unit that can enter a fray and spread machine gun fire and grenades upon remote command. The U.S. Defense Dept. has under development a paralysis ray in the form of a strobe light that causes immobilization of those within its beam. What will we think of next?

Support the defense fund of Ehren Watada, a U.S. Army officer awaiting court-martial. He is the first of his rank to refuse to return to duty in Iraq for purely political reasons.

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