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Yes, since the carnage at Virginia Tech and Columbine, there have been 50 more such attacks and over 200 deaths in the US. We are paying the price of copying an administration that shot bullets and bombed first and never got around to talking. President Obama has much to overcome. He inherited at least two wars, and we started both of them.

Donald Trump and Candy Spelling brag about their 100 million dollar estates with a sense of pride. The truth is the opposite. It is stomach turning to have that kind of possession while so many others succumb to being roofless and hungry.

In 2008, the final numbers show that working people as a unit had an increase of 7% in their earnings while their CEOs gained 13%.

We all wait around in anticipation that President Barack Obama will continue to get us past the morass and hideous behavior of the Bush cabal so that the U.S. becomes a beacon of life, not death. But Obama still must account for his behavior in allowing death to continue in at least three areas. By denying us single payer, universal federal healthcare, thousands of Americans will die annually for a direct lack of it and untold thousands more on more indirect levels; there will be the countless many more thousands who will die because of a continued bellicose policy in the Middle East; and by accepting a dog bought from a breeder for the White House First Pet, a dog awaiting rescue will be euthanized for lack of a home.

For your dubious amusement, try TV channel surfing on the 4 major networks. You will run into commercial pitches on all of them at the same time.

As the new Pope Benedict prays in the Vatican, not one more child goes to school, not one more refugee finds a home, not one more worker gets a job at a living wage, not one more hungry person gets a decent meal and not one more human being gets healthcare.

There may be a world recession, but churches, bars and movies are doing better than ever.

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