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The Pope has now completed his US visitation and homilies. This titular leader of the world's second most populated religion spoke of love, charm, tolerance, friendship, peace and the like. As a teenager, he was a member of the Hitler youth. I am sure that many parents and his friends saw through the Nazi movement and resisted. I hope it was before he knew better. But, as he met with the President-select and the many in his audiences and the media, I ask you:

  • Was one more potential student sent to school?
  • Was one more land mine disarmed?
  • Was one more barren family housed?
  • Was one more drink of potable water made available?
  • Was one more parturient offered prenatal care?
  • Was one more exposed sleeper offered a mosquito netting?
  • Was one more given an affordable quinine tablet?
  • Was one more nuclear bomb discarded?
  • Was one more soldier's life spared in Iraq?
  • Did the Iraqi conflict get shortened by one day?
  • Did one Haitian girl, possibly Catholic (like the one shown on the front page of a major U.S. daily last week rummaging through a dump in Port-au-Prince for something to eat), get fed a hot meal?
  • Will one less child sleep in the streets?
  • Was one more gun that kills innocent people dismantled?
  • Did a single new poor anyone get deserved health care?
  • Was one more adult given a needed job at a living wage?
  • Was an ill, thirsty, hungry, illiterate and unroofed person given a reason to smile?
If the answer to each of these is a resounding No! - which they all are - then I suggest the Holy Father is a blight on our time.

Does that company that makes a drink called Pediasure really expect us to believe that a kid would prefer that glop to roast chicken, as the TV ad says?

Barack Obama has conveniently since avoided mentioning his former pastor, the Reverend Wright, and his words. But they are more true than ever.

Al Gore is deafening in his silence. He is standing by as Obama and Hillary fecklessly hack away at each other, making both of them unelectable. Noblest and Oscared Gore will step forward in Denver in August and go on to be the 44th President. Thus there will be more war in Iraq and no universal heathcare.

Remember Rachel Corrie, the 23 year-old coed who was mauled by an Israeli bulldozer in 2003 while peacefully protesting Israeli settlements in Gaza.

Household pets should be rescued and then reared and loved, not bought and sold as chattel. They are living animals and all breeds are readily available.

President-select George W. Bush seems to be adopting a quieter, lame duck status. But we must remember that it was the electorate that allowed him to be there. In November, we must be wary of the same shenanigans the GOP pulled off in 2000 and 2004. There may be new chicanery awaiting us in 2008.

As the Middle Class is shrinking, the average U.S. American employee is working the longest hours in the industrialized world.

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