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There will likely be the usual Easter egg roll this year for the many on the White House lawn as well as on many others. But there will also be countless others who will treasure an egg when found as food to fend off pending starvation. There is something wrong with that scene. There is also something terribly wrong as there aren't enough people to rise up in protest - yet.

Capitalism proudly teaches that profit and such other type manipulations are the prides of the system. Yet, when an AIG exec hired on for a certain reward that included a departure bonus, we now castigate that as inopportune. We scream about a few paltry millions in handouts as we toss billions as a bailout. This may all make sense - someday.

Israel and Egypt have now passed 30 years of non-military coexistence, proving it can be done. As long as the priorities change from oil to people.

The Obamas are now selecting a religious sect of their choice in Washington. It was Abe Lincoln who claimed he was an atheist, though sometimes attended a Washington Methodist church service. But I still think he was born Jewish. There is evidence out there now in good support of that position.

There oughta be laws: That every death should make appropriate body organs accessible for immediate human transfer. And that we reinstate a written prohibition against hard core drugs, soft recreational drugs like pot, etc, all alcoholic beverages and, of course, tobacco. We have many positive restrictions on known health hazards from dirty swimming holes to jay walking. Those bans and so many others and our 18th amendment history have proven successful.

The AIG bailout will continue to be an embarrassment to all concerned. We seem to ignore that it all started back with Clinton and then was further promoted by George W. Bush - deregulation. What goes around comes around.

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