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There have been many policies carried out by our government that have been less than proud. There are some that have been particularly shameful - the slaughter of Native Americans and the pilfering of their lands during our manifest destiny; the stealing of the Texas territory from Mexico; the failure of those in charge that brought us to a Civil War that killed thousands; the imprisonment of Japanese-Americans in the wake of Pearl Harbor; the Korean and Vietnam conflicts that killed many tens of thousands more; the state murders of the Rosenbergs during the height of the Cold War; the state terrorist bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima; the Kent State and Jackson State killings of those students who were in protest against Vietnam. But history will one day claim that the marauding of Iraq and the lynching of its president will be added to the list.

There have been at least four deaths from meningitis in Long Island youth so far this year. It was a few years ago that Cuba offered to exchange its effective meningitis vaccine but was rejected by U.S. health authorities.

Our involvement with Iraq goes deeper than we realize. We are deep into the hanky panky with Iraqi businessman/former PM Ahmed Chalibi, who is protecting our claim on our oil under their sand while thousands more on both sides die.

The rumble in Washington has it that John McCain's temper outbursts are becoming legendary. Would he stay calm when that 3am phone call came?

Two years ago, my Washington Beltway insiders insisted that Hillary was a shoo-in for the nomination. But her self-destruct has perhaps done her in and she has become the underdog. Her dishonesty and petty diatribes against Obama are costing her support at the highest levels. Even so, he will not be going into the convention with a first round majority and eventually, they will both give it up, maybe even settle for the VP slot, not with each other because too many feckless insults will have gone down. But one of them might take that spot with the settled-on candidate - Al Gore, who then goes on to become the 44th president.

Brazilian priest/poet Dom Helder Camera said it so aptly: When I brought food to the poor, I was called a saint. But when I asked why the poor had no food, I was called a communist.

The only activity that is universal to every culture in the world is dancing. Some are even silent and do not sing, but they all have a dance.

There are four red fruits that should be a part of every diet - strawberries, tomatoes, red grapes and watermelon.

Mark Twain wrote that the cemeteries are full of people who we thought would be missed. This was his way of saying that life goes on.

Cuba's healthy rice crop is enough to sell to many foreign countries at close to 800,000 tons per year. The U.S. is on the receiver list.

Use CITGO gas even if a little inconvenient. This Venezuelan-owned company is still offering reduced price home fuels to the needy.

Support the Ehren Watada defense fund. This officer's court-martial for speaking out against the Iraqi campaign will soon be coming up.

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