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President Obama finally got it right. He has listed the big three issues. Yes, he included our energy needs, but at least he noted that healthcare and education are the domestic priorities. That is the talk. Now he must walk the walk. We are all waiting for his next steps, and his position in the Middle East.

The media has labeled the Obama loop as the "big five." Those fives have been identified, as yet relative unknowns. Let us all hope that the President has made the right choices about who will stick and stay. The President's penchant to be bipartisan has not worked so far. As well, remember who FDR had as his faves back then. They became the miracle workers of his administration and the U.S. and the world enjoyed their sheer brilliance. I speak of the awesome "fives" of Harold Ickes at Interior, Henry Wallace at Commerce, Frances Perkins at Labor, William O. Douglas on the Court, and FDR'S magnificent advisor - Judge Sam Rosemann. Obama should only come as close.

The Obamas are selecting their household canine companion. No matter what breed or a mutt is selected as the First Pet, as long as it is a rescue.

Pundit after pundit is evaluating our financial bailout tactics, as though there is a saving grace for capitalism other than war or forms of socialism. The sad truth is that the cycle will continue, with abysmal economic failures every generation or so. Until a real change comes, we, the people, will have to bear that burden.

The Oscars are now over until next year. Note that the vast bulk, nearly 90%, of all cinema statue winners are released after late October. By Oscar time, those publicly sent out earlier in the year, no matter how deserving, are all but forgotten.

It is almost amusing. It seems that just about all automobile manufacturers conjure up some fictional vehicle rating organization that selects a "car of the year." Naturally, theirs always wins.

We have to face it. God, Himself, broke His own 7tth Commandment when He hopped into the immaculate sack with teenie bopper Mary and made a little Jesus, after Joseph went off to work. But then again, it is becoming more obvious that He as a human being, never actually existed. We conjured Him up to teach us all a way of living. Not that bad, as long as the lessons are decent, as they are. Jesus taught human life on earth must be classless, just as Karl Marx did some 1800 years later. That makes Jesus Christ history's earliest communist.

It is a mystery why TV producers do not occasionally bring back the really greats of early video, like the legendary sitcoms and police adventures without electronic stunts, instead of the contrived wild trash we now have.

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