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The shock over Reverend Jeremiah Wright's comments is our guilt as he spoke the harsh truth. We are indeed run by white males who are making a mockery of the American message and dream. And 9/11 is dwarfed by our state terrorism at Nagasaki and Hiroshima, as Wright aptly noted. Obama's retort was worthy, since he is trying to stay PC. But he still needs to endorse HR 676 for our healthcare before he gets my vote.

I have been led to understand that once you put something into an electronic message of any sort, it remains forever, even if supposedly deleted.

The IRS reports that U.S. income has shrunk for the first time since WWII.

The USA continues to donate less overseas (non-militarily) as a percentage of our gross national income than any other developed nation.

We now have the highest national deficit in U.S. history, thanks to President-select Bush and his wars.

Getting old ain't for sissies.

HBO is running a special on the career of the legendary Pete Seeger. Don't miss it.

The best definition of tap dancing is the human being's acting as a percussion instrument.

The gross sales figure of Walmart last year was bigger than 36 countries; yet half its employees qualify for food stamps.

Anybody who smokes, knowing what we now know, is crazy.

There were over a thousand climbers who reached the summit of Mount Everest last year. Pretty soon Otis will build an escalator and Hilton will put up a hotel at the top.

We insist the New World wasn't "founded" until whitey came from Europe, as though it were lost until they got there; the real native name of the world's tallest mountain, Chomolugma, now goes by its Anglicized caucasian name, Everest, after its first white mountaineer.

Real life spouses Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy played in a 1985 two-person Broadway show that was a reminiscence at their 50th anniversary in a London flat. She confessed that she had had a one night tryst with their best man, many, many years ago. "He always acted the gentleman," she added. To which Cronyn came back with the brilliant, "How could he have been a gentlemen when he was in a place where a gentleman would never be?" These days, we are being told by the Bush gangster loop that Iraq is being occupied by our freedom fighting, gallant young soldiers. But how could they be freedom fighting, gallant young soldiers when they are in a place where freedom fighting, gallant young soldiers would never be?

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