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Last month, the U.S. Congress staged an all-day hearing with several distinguished members and under oath had a retired baseball player and a promo agent testify to the use of certain legal drugs intended to allegedly enhance performance. We are expecting further FBI investigations and a possible perjury charge. During the past decade, two Presidents and Vice-Presidents, along with several top ranking members in their loop, issued statements about depleted uranium, illegal germ warfare, nuclear bomb preparation and various so-called weapons of mass destruction that both parties insisted were being prepared by a sovereign nation. Both party Secretaries of State led the way, one who went before the U.N. with such wild claims. This led to an illicit invasion, killing thousands on both sides and a war mode that is crippling our economy. It has been shown that all such statements were deliberate lies and corporate manipulations. Yet, except for Ohioan Dennis Kucinich, not a single Congressperson has even suggested that a Congressional hearing be held to determine the validity of such clamor.

In 1948, the year Israel declared itself a state, there were no people without land and no land without people. That means someone had to be displaced to make room. How can we ever justify such a move? There will never be peace in the region until that criminal action finds restitution.

There are over 100 million land mines scattered throughout the world, killing over 2000 people yearly. And the U.S. is still the only country defending it.

Despite its enormous wealth, Africa is the world's only continent that individually consumes less than it did 25 years ago.

Any plan that cannot be changed is not a good plan.

Although George W. Bush graduated from Yale with a low C average, he was cited for his excellent work as a leading member of the cheerleading squad.

The best explanation of why we click glasses to start a drink toast is the French vignette that ranks a man's significant other with his wine. He realized he could smell, see, feel, taste and hear his partner, but could do all but hear his wine. So a custom was started that matched the two in all the senses.

The Helsinki Committee reports that Israeli medical research centers are using unaware Arab subjects of all ages as lab testing sites for new procedures.

I have never seen an ugly bride.

Of the four Jewish scholars who most influence the world, it was Freud who had us accept our two basic drives to stay alive and that libido is in everyone. Karl Marx noted that if some of us have too much, others have too little. Jesus preached we must think with our hearts. And it was Albert Einstein who left us with three theories that have become physical laws - there is a 4th dimension, time; that e=mc2; and there is nothing faster than the speed of light.

A recent study reveals that U.S. corporate CEO paychecks rose 27% last year, totaling over four million in salary and benefits.

Depleted uranium, declared safe by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, is likely behind the sharp increase in cancers and birth defects that have doubled in those families who have served in Iraq since our invasion and occupation in 2003.

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