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One of the accused Marines in the November 2005 Haditha massacre was returned to the US under house arrest pending court martial proceedings. A reporter was sent to interview him and his aging mother waved to her son with the comment, "I sent my government my boy and it sent me back a murderer."

The Democratic debate before the Texas/Ohio primaries was as telltale as expected. More fakery. Both Obama and Hillary fenced and presented no real choice to the expected McCain. Hillary, a card carrying Democratic party member Republican, along with Joe Lieberman and Ed Koch, sank deeper into her hole. She said she would take back her Iraq war vote in 2003 but expects us to forget there were others who did vote against that onslaught. Were they smarter than she? And she actually squirmed as she fibbed about her NAFTA support then and now. Her nose must be growing. Obama has yet to endorse the John Conyers (D-MI) HR 676 that would give America its first real jump start to healthcare for all and Obama does not get my vote until then.

There are but three basic reasons for a marital discord that should be solved to move on - physical abuse by either party, fiscal mistrust and priorities and real differences over money, and a failure of communication, both verbal and sexual.

Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

The TV sitcom MASH has celebrated the silver anniversary of its final show, still boasting the largest single audience for such a program. And as obviously an antiwar motif as it had, it was technically poor. African-American foot soldiers seemed few and far between, a far cry from the truth. Then there was a main character doctor from the Boston hoi poloi, the kind of guy who never got to Korea, and if his family did not pull enough strings for total deferment, merely ended up in a desk job in the Pentagon; and then the docs all seemed to spend their time sopping up brandy and cognac or booze from a homemade still, yet always ready to greet and operate on the wounded.

Back in the '40s, the great legendary Welsh playwright George Bernard Shaw said that the average American had the mind of a 10-year-old and the country was run by three people, Winston Churchill, Walter Winchell and Cardinal Spellman. Seems we haven't gone far astray since. Just the players' names have changed.

When Sigmund Freud was asked to define mental health, he used the German words arbeit [und] lieben, work and love. He explained to his students that if a person in your charge as a psychiatrist could work productively and could feel, express and make love, that person was healthy enough to face the world and that combination should not be tampered with.

Democracy demands wisdom.

I wish a public politico would finally tell the press to mind its own business when it comes to personal adventures. Bill Clinton then and John McCain now should tell the gossip hounds to bug off. We should concern ourselves with Monica then and McCain's lady now only if it interfered with the person's role as a government servant. I suggest such human behavior might even make them better servants. That is only for their partrners to deal with. Why does the alleged paramour run for cover? Because of his insecurity with his faulty politics in the first place.

So Ralph Nader has announced for the presidency. Ho, hum. Every four years that quintessential gadfly pops up to run and waste our time. What are Nader's stands on Iraq, Iran, Israel, animal rights, social security, healthcare, pensions, minimum wage, mass transit, Cuba, Venezuela, NAFTA, etc ,etc, etc? Does he really expect the American people to give him our mandate to run our world just because he provided us with seat belts?

I would rather be lucky than smart.

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