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Refreshing, isn't it? When former President-Select Bush held a press conference, he stood in front of a lying banner, on a battleship, flanked by big shots in uniform with chests full of ribbons celebrating military adventures. Now, President Obama held a press meet on the plans for the Middle East. He stood between two diplomats in civilian clothes who were being dispatched not to invade and kill but to talk and negotiate. Refreshing indeed...

Kudos to Commander Sullenberger for his manipulating that airliner to a safe NY river landing with 100% survivals. But it is alarming that all, I mean all, pilots are not trained and calm and skilled enough to do the same when appropriate. Sully should be the rule, not the exception.

We now have tabulated that Bush-Select vacationed in Crawford etc. about 1000 days in his eight years. Guess we should be grateful that he was away from his Oval Office desk where he wreaked such havoc here and abroad.

The toe bone and the head bone are connected. Those reports of the mortality and morbidity from bacteria contaminated peanuts are not isolated. The mainstream press revealed that budgetary restrictions curtailed hiring enough inspectors to guard against such gaps. Although we surely have funds to allow, our financial priorities these past eight years were directed toward hegemony in the Middle East and elsewhere, so that our infrastructure went unattended. Decaying bridges, weak road beds and contaminated peanuts are what resulted. And that's what we know about. How about the parts that get ignored by the media?

While our attention is being taken up by baseballer Alex Rodriquez and his drug intake, at a time when it was not against regulations, Wall Street and the many Madoffs go on a spree, partly due to a lack of a proper watchdog. Reports have it that ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York was about to blow some sort of a whistle when he was found with a bimbo in the most visible hotel in the most visible city on Earth. There went the whistle blowing. Of course it was a foolish error and a significant morbidity exposure.

While some California fertility doctors who will be honored blow their own horns and put a patient and her offspring at great risk while continuing to make pregnancies in a women who was willing to be a baby factory, universal health care continues to be ignored by Washington.

John Conyers'(D-MI) HR676 must be brought to the floor for exposure and a vote. It is our number one priority.

Jesse Jackson once asked an audience to raise their hands for a show of who possessed a VCR. Then the same for those who owned an F16 fighter bomber and air to ground missiles. As the room sat silently, with hands at their sides awaiting the punch line, Jackson asked, "How come we make things that nobody wants?"

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