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Celebrating Black History Month is a vital tool in the civil rights struggle. As many have said, including Martin Luther King, Jr., you must be aware of your past if you are to be prepared to face and deal with your future.

The virtual tie between Obama and Hillary is to be expected. We are all in such turmoil over what we have lived with under the Bush administration that we are all groping for any change. It will go down to the wire to the August convention which will turn to tie breaker Al Gore who will go on to become the 44th president.

Slaveowner Thomas Jefferson accused UK King George III in the Declaration of Independence of many grievances and reasons why the colonies were striking out on their own. But Jefferson's true colors as a racist broke through. He pledged a battle with "the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian savages," those native Americans who were struggling for survival in the land they called home their whole lives. I guess our future third president agreed with Columbus. White Eurocentric capitalist males were to be in charge. People of color were considered a needed underclass and subject to slavery or slaughter.

At the time of the actual public performance, an orchestra conductor is entirely redundant. He has already done his job during their practice, practice, practice. The players rarely even look up at the podium as the conductor waves his arms and baton only for show and drama. Their eyes are on the script and notes.

Cinema review: "Fever Pitch" is a must see, more than once. It is a romantic comedy with the messages of the sages. This is a story of a guy with a certain passion that interferes with his gal. There is a split and reconciliation that is a marvelous insight into relationships. Each once in a while viewing will give you a new lesson.

We must never forget 19-year-old Rachel Corrie who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer while peacefully protesting Israeli settlements in Gaza.

Show me a person who is against busing for equal schooling between white and black and I will show you a racist.

The only thing we know less about than human nutrition is human behavior.

Alcoholics don't take lovers; they take hostages.

Did you realize that George W. Bush is the first in our history to enter the Presidency with a criminal record? And he has added to it since.

The four hirsute Jews, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx and Jesus Christ, were lolling on their clouds in heaven. Jesus put his hand on his heart and said that's where it all is. Marx then placed his hand on his stomach and said, No, that is where it all is. Then Freud put his hand on his loins and said no, that is where it all is. Professor Einstein took his open faced palm onto his head, and said, this is where it all is, but you are all also correct. Only it is all relative. And that is the clearest expression of the theory of relativity.

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