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Obama has been truly elected. Bravo! Now he must walk the walk as well as talk the talk. The concern is still no universal health care and not in any way properly dealing with the morass in Gaza as that slaughter continues. How far will we go to protect our oil under their sand?

It was virtually an embarrassment to watch and listen to President-select Bush give out with a thirteen minute farewell speech and more of his mendacious nonsense. We should just be glad he was making a farewell rather than an inaugural address.

We must remember: Over 50 million voters in November went for McCain/Bush, scary indeed. That means they favored an administration that gave us eight years of lies, wars, deaths, terrorism, curtailment of the Constitution and essentially total ineptness. We have always heard and were dismayed how the German people handled the oncoming of Nazism and that their silence was a form of acquiescence, as Martin Luther King once said. It is now easier to understand such brain washing as we note what happened in November 2008, and when the many quietly accepted 2000 and 2004 and those 50+ millions went and asked for more.

USA Today reported that it costs the public dole in the billions to euthanize discarded household animals annually. For every purchased animal at a pet shop or mill, another is put to sleep. There are well enough pets awaiting rescue to fit every taste. Adopt, don't shop.

The now exposed Madoff /Ponzi scheme is not a coincidence; it is a true synchronization. There were those many signals that should have alerted the regulatory agencies in Washington. But the whole Bush atmosphere was so lax and favorable to big business that they were ignored.

It has been wisely said that there are three events that test a person's mettle as a judge of character: How s/he handles inconvenient rain, the installation and entanglement of Christmas tree lights, and how one deals with lost airport luggage.

It is a still a close race between TV ad volumes... Automobiles, calesthetic machinery, weight losing advice and erectile dysfunctional meds. New cars we can no longer afford, exercise devices that need a new house extension to fit in, reducing diets that include ice cream, mayo, whipped cream and Boston cream pie, and that ingrown toenails and the common cold can lead to male sexual impairment that calls for $10 pills that cost pennies to produce.

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