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American democracy did not take as big a hit since the two stolen elections of 2000 and 2004 until this past week when Ohioan Dennis Kucinich was forced to drop out of contention for the Presidency on the Democratic slate. We finally had someone who was not just the lesser of two evils (LOTE), to which it seems we have returned. Barring the highly unlikely event of a landslide winner on super Tuesday, neither puerile Obama nor Clinton will get a first round win and the convention will be deadlocked. It will turn to Al Gore, just another LOTE, to take the top spot and he will also win in November. More war and no health care.

What kind of world is it when there are those who are deciding on early college admissions and others who never get to even see the inside of a classroom?

Private services are frowned upon for those almost 4000 body bags coming back from Iraq, to diminish their impact. It is remindful of the 1978 Jonestown 1000 "suicides" plus Jones and Congressman Leo Ryan. There was only one autopsy performed - on Jones himself - death by a poisoned drink. Those other bodies were all returned in sealed coffins, no post mortem exams allowed. None of the families ever protested. Koolade my foot.

U.S. families are now almost nine trillion dollars in debt; 40 percent accrued in the past five years and with $2 trillion in unpaid credit cards.

The world average of CEO's and top management's earning about 4-5 times that of their line workers is matched against that of the U.S., which is about 400 times.

Americans each consume about 260 pounds of meat per year. In Bangladesh, the average is 6 1/2 pounds.

There are five aspects of life in Israel/Palestine that must be solved before peace can be achieved. 1) fair access to potable drinking water; 2) stopping of any Israeli settlements in the occupied territories; 3) sharing of Jerusalem as a holy place for all peoples; 4) yielding of enough land so all can live in comfort; and 5) respect of those borders as being totally independent and sovereign.

Then Osama bin Ladin's demands to stop terrorism must as well be met - the U.S. out of Iraq, the vacating of the Gulf of Aquba and an end of military aid to Israel. Unless they all come to pass, there will come a day when oil will no longer be the source of world energy, and our military presence in the region will end. We are there for our oil under their sand. Then, many many scores of millions of Arabs will over run the relatively so much smaller Israel which will be no more. Israel must stop acting out their own rendition of the Golden Rule - do unto others as had been done unto you. We must prioritize our memories that recall what happened 5000+ years ago but forget what took place 60+ years ago.

The Lovenstein Institute of Scranton, Pennsylvania has published the results of a four month study of the IQs of the various administration staffs, based on published works, public speaking acumen and various media appearances. The highest rating of 182 went to Bill Clinton; then came JFK at 174, Nixon at 155, FDR 147, Ike 122, Reagan 105, and the Bushes at 98 and 91. Just for the fun of it and another painful reminder of what we allowed to enter the White House in 2000.

An old Lebanese saying - it is better to have a smart enemy than a dumb friend.

The three most useful inventions in all of person kind - the toothpick, the toilet plunger and the TV remote. Think about that.

Have an abundance of four red fruits - tomatoes, strawberries, red grapes and watermelon. Good as antioxidants, for cardiac functioning, with relatively low calories, and cholesterol and some prostate cancer protection.

Not much to say about the Bush State of the Union Speech. That's because it didn't say anything. Just be happy it's his last.

The saddest thing you will ever experience is watching the one you care for walk away.

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