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A most shameful political event ever occurred this recent past. Democratic Presidential hopeful Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich was denied participation in the pre-caucuses Nevada debate one hour before air time. This in an American democracy. Don't recall when I felt more disgusted. But it gets worse. Not one other hopeful, like Obama, Hillary or Edwards, uttered a single word in protest. As though they needed that to lose my vote. They did that when they supported the war in Iraq and would not campaign for universal healthcare. It gets "worser" yet. Not an MSNBC so-called liberal commentator like Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann rallied against their boss, the same sponsor station. Not a comment. This is remindful of the warning by Pastor Martin Neimoller in Germany in 1935 when he admitted not speaking out when "they" came for the communists, the Jews, the trade unionists and the Catholics because he was not one of them. But then when "they" came for him, there was no one left to help. Dennis Kucinich for President in 2008.

Democracy demands wisdom.

There comes a time when birthdays no longer deserve a fuss. It is when you become a teenager.

Anyone who is nice to you but not to the waiter is not really a nice person.

Cinema recommendations: Charlie Wilson's War; Before The Devil Knows You're Dead; and Waitress. Skip Cirque de Soleil. Boring and amateurish.

The most intimate four-letter exchange between partners that ends in a "k" is... "talk."

Cinema lesson: When character Valdez with Burt Lancaster in the title role was captured by his foes, he was asked how he became such a marksman.
"Hunting Apache," Valdez answered.
"You hunted Apache? When did you do that?" they asked.
"Before I knew better," came the meaningful reply.

It sure seems we devote more TV air time to commercials than programming. The most frequent, and therefore annoying, are for automobiles, OTC and prescription drugs, especially erection dysfunction and diet meds, and those wild exercise bikes, machinery and tools for calisthenics. Take a brisk walk instead.

Hill and Knowlton - the NY PR firm that arranged for "Naiora," the Kuwaiti UN Ambassador's daughter, to pose and testify before Congress as a happenstance witness to Saddam Hussein's Iraqi troops' bayoneting of Kuwaiti nursery children in 1991 - has never been called to task for its deception.

Free the "Cuban 5" being held in U.S. prisons without charges or habeas corpus; remember Rachel Corrie, the Oregon coed who was trampled to death by an Israeli bulldozer during a peaceful protest against Jewish settlements in Gaza; support Ehren Watada, the army officer scheduled for court-martial for stating opposition to the illegal campaign by the U.S. in Iraq.

Bravo to Dennis Kucinich for calling for a new cabinet post - a Department of Peace. Dennis for President 2008.

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