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Yes, Virginia, there is a socialist cause.

The nation is in turmoil. The populace is anxiously awaiting the change in administrations, perhaps more than ever, due to the ineptness and aggression of the vacating Bush cabal. We are paying the price for putting them there in the first place.

There are comparisons being offered between the economic morass in 1932, when the coming of the New Deal and president Franklin Delano Roosevelt to replace the Hoover clan was anticipated. FDR was from the power structure of the country. But it was figured anything had to be better than what we had. It showed to be much more than that. The New Deal, by borrowing from socialist principles, put the country back on track with working people supports and then faced the world at war and the task of defeating an axis of fascism. Barack Obama has a tough act to follow.

The Bush administration has squandered a federal budget with tax cuts for the wealthy and hegemonic campaigns that have given us the largest deficit in history. It does not offer us growth but rather stifling privatization of social security and other social programs that mark our greatness, tirades throughout the world based on one lie after the other and a status quo in not providing us with rightful health care, for starters. There is a steady erosion of our infrastructure. We owe our souls to the company store, better known as the banks.

Our capital economy is marked by fragile inflation, a roller coaster stock market and threats of failure of so many industries, led by the one that has been the benchmark of USAmerica - automobiles - once assumed to be so solid that its destitution was inconceivable. The price at the pump and home heating fuels soared as Big Oil admitted to usury profits in the billions. Other examples abound.

The big three automakers' CEO's arrogantly came to Washington by private jet to plead with the Congress for a bailout to keep their hubristic private and professional life styles. They went to a government that has insisted that private enterprise and individualism are the keys to survival for a handout. Not from colleagues who will reap the wild winds along with the beggars, but from the taxpayers and union concessions that will use workers' contributions to stem the tide.

Capitalism survives for two reasons. It either goes to war and has lavish government spending on arms and the deaths they produce or by borrowing from socialist principles and having the people prop up the economic machinery through financial and working yields.

That is happening now. The feds, who will not condone such things, for example, as stem cell research or abortion/choice so as not to interfere with individual freedom by an overseer government, now turn to that exact survival practice for the free enterprise system.

We did not need this present debacle to demonstrate the maladroit practices that are basic to a capital economy. There have been all too many others along the way.

The solution does not lie in an alleged bailout. It makes no sense to support those who have led us down this disastrous path. President Bush and his gangsters are merely the pawns that drive the system along its road of destruction, despite its good intentions. The solution is in a total revamping of its purpose, from one that decimates working people and buoys up the wealthy owners to one that puts people before profits. The needs of the many before the avarice of the few.

It has been done before. It can be done again. It must be. It shall be.

Nobody asked me, but, yes Virginia, there is a socialist cause.

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