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Dennis Kucinich did not drop out of the race for the White House; only the Iowa caucuses. Many were confused. His office decided the expense and time were just not warranted. But neither was his support for Barack Obama, nowhere near a peacenik like Kucinich. Then again, John Edwards, trying to wear a peace mantle, violently urged a crusade against Osama bin Ladin during the New Hampshire debates, showing his ignorance of the real issues in the Middle East. Recall that Bill Clinton lost both Iowa and NH in 1992. Dennis for President in 2008.

Pet shops, puppy mills and dog breeders should be banned. There are many designer dogs and mixed breed dogs awaiting adoption from rescue groups and shelters. Many will be euthanized due to the population explosion and not enough homes.

Barack Obama's light tone skin hue as a Black American apparently fooled many an Iowan. Polled post-voters admitted they did not realize Obama's racial "blackground."

The rich get richer and the poor poorer. In 1970, the top income tax bracket was 70% and today it is 35%. Capital gains, from which the wealthy get most of their income, was taxed at 28% as recently as 1987 and is now only 15%. IRS audit rates for the wealthy have also declined sharply over the past decade.

John Edwards keeps reminding us that his father and grandmother worked in the "mill" to finance his education. His way of telling us he comes from "the people." How shallow that is. Many of our so-called stellars were men of affluence. The leading Democratic hero, four term FDR, was born into great wealth.

"Grammar" has the same etymology as the word "glamour." There are three frequently used examples of crude English grammar - poor spelling, a misuse of punctuation and mispronunciation of foreign and native terms. Spell, punctuate and pronounce words correctly and anything can be said even in mixed company.

Americans spend more on cosmetics than is needed to educate every child in the world. And we spend more on pet food by the billions than is needed to provide basic health and nutrition for all the world's needy children.

A nuclear ban on the so-called irresponsible nations is more than silly, it is reckless. The U.S. is history's only country that has used atomic weapons on another people. Their use now would be sheer suicide. The only answer is an immediate and total ban on nuclear weaponry by every country in the world.

The NH debaters' loud screams to ferret out Osama bin Ladin and "kill" him were obviously a show of machismo intended to make us feel safer. And that the candidate was not a wimp. They should all recall the final words of Ernesto "Che" Guevera as he was being killed in 1967 by Bolivian mercenaries and the CIA in the Andes Mountains. "All you are killing is a man," was Che's final remark to his murderers. How true.

What kind of a world is it when people are dying of starvation by the millions during the time it takes others to select and enjoy a gourmet meal and a sip of champagne at a 4-star restaurant?

The UN should adopt an internationally enforced law that does not allow contract bidding for war materiels in any country. The defense contractors instead must produce the weapons, supply their governments and then submit an invoice for their exact costs. If profits were eliminated from such spending, war would end immediately.

How can we sleep nights when there are those who die from a lack of potable water and others who choose between San Pelligrino or Perrier?

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